1931  Johann Neubauer establishes a cooper's workshop in Pulkau.
1933  His son Johannes is born.
1933- 1949 Johannes Neubauer starts a cooper's apprenticeship in the family company and gets his craftsman's certificate.
1949- 1972 Because of the declining interest in wooden barrels we begin to cut parts for parquet flooring.
1962 Son Johannes is born.
1972- 1973 A property in today's "Industriegebiet Retzer Bundesstraße" is purchased. The ground is prepared and the first machinery hall, where all the work is done, is built.
1973- 1978 The first dry kilns are built and the first dried wood leaves the company.
1979 A new log band saw unit is put up.
1980- 1984 The company is enlarged by the purchase of two further multiple rip saws.
1984 Johannes Neubauer jun. also gets his craftsman's certificate as a cooper, but his main emphasis is put on the processing of wood.
1985- 1989 Two further buildings for the temporary storage of logs and for the final storage are built. A timber yard is added and a cross cut saw unit is put up, with which the work can be optimized.
1990- 2000 The first trials of "cooking" beech are made and are successful.
1992 Son Johannes is born.
1995 Son Michael is born.
2003- 2005 According to our customers' wishes we decide to put up a gluing press unit, so that high quality products can be offered.
2005- 2014  Both of the sons, Johannes and Michael, join the company after finishing the Technical School (Interior design) at HTL Mödling and take over one area. After the death of Johannes Neubauer sen. in 2013, the company is now being run by two generations.